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You get lifetime access to the courses in the WTK GOLD!  Once you purchase is complete I will personally activate your account access and send you an email with login instructions! - Eric

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WTK GOLD is an all access online pass to all of my online courses and lessons for worship GUITAR, PIANO and ELECTRIC GUITAR.  Every course I have written to date is included in this online lesson hub (and that’s a TON of really cool stuff to help you learn fast with structure)!  Stream videos and print charts to learn STEP-BY-STEP!

 Courses included in WTK GOLD:

  • The new Worship Guitar Bible Study Online Version! 
  • Modern Worship Guitar Lessons
  • Next Level Modern Worship Guitar Lessons
  • 10 Song Catapult for Guitar
  • Private Lesson Sessions for Movable Chords
  • 10 Song Christmas Guitar Pack
  • Electric Guitar Sessions 1 & 2
  • Modern Worship Piano Lessons 1
  • Next Level Worship Piano
  • Worship Piano 10 Song Catapult
  • Christmas Piano Pack
  • Music Theory Class 1
  • Transpose and Play


  • 60+ Easy Chord Worship Guitar Song Lessons to help you build your skills! 
  • Special teacher email access and myWTK Facebook group to help you along your journey!
  • Access to over 50 YouTube Play and Sing style videos for all the songs in the songbooks!
  • Webinar lesson sheets and video playbacks!
  • Special member only downloads and goodies 


You also get access to my WTK song lesson archives.  These are awesome one-on-one type lessons for all of the awesome songs coming out and all of my favorites for worship.  They are divided into a sweet 5 level learning system so you can start at level 1 and gain momentum.  Once you hit level 5, your friends will basically be blown away!

Level 1 – These songs can be played with a simple pattern and a few basic chords! If you are just starting out, try these first! They will help boost your confidence right away.

Level 2 – Songs that can be played with one or two simple patterns and a few chords with lots of repetition. I may add in a special technique in the end but you can sound great pretty easy.

Level 3 – Uses easy chords but I add some special touches to make them sound really cool. I may add some picking or suspensions in to these songs.

Level 4 – Strumming and syncopation that may challenge your strumming hand and could have a picking pattern or easy riff.

Level 5 – This is the hardest level and may contain syncopation, picking and even a cool riff to learn along with the song.