Make Money Teaching Guitar Lessons

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If you can play guitar (just a little bit) and want to make money teaching, this is the book for you! You can get started right away and make great money playing guitar! I show you everything you need to know to get started, get the students and teach the lessons. I have helped many teachers get their start and I reveal the best techniques for teaching and running your own successful guitar lesson business! I still remember the very first experience that I ever had with teaching a guitar lesson! I was only sixteen years old when a friend of my family watched me play a few simple riffs on my guitar. That was all it took! He immediately asked me to give him lessons. I couldn’t believe it! A forty year old man was actually asking me, a sixteen year old kid, for guitar lessons! I can tell with certainty that quitting my “real job” was one of the best decisions that I ever made. I did exactly what I told my father I was going to do and I got more students. I went on to teach up to twenty-five students a week right out of my parents’ basement. I was making about five times more per week than all of my friends that were working at minimum wage jobs. I was only working twenty-five hours per week (which is only part-time) and I was making nearly fifty-thousand dollars per year! I want to be clear about one thing… While I was a good guitar player, I was no virtuoso! I simply discovered that people were willing to pay me to learn what I knew about my instrument. That’s the beauty of the guitar lesson business… You don’t have to be the very best of players in your local area to be a very financially successful guitar instructor. You will learn how to: Set up your studio in home or in a music store Set your prices to make the most money Use my policy to maximize your profits Market your business for almost free Get more students that you can handle Make a great schedule that you love Keep the best records How to teach a lesson Where to find the best resources and Much More!!! Don't just play guitar for fun.... play guitar for profit and have fun too!