Modern Worship Guitar Lessons DVD 1 - Sessions 1-11

Modern Worship Guitar Lessons DVD 1 - Sessions 1-11

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This is the first DVD in a 4 DVD series!

YES! You can learn to play guitar quickly with a few simple chords. My complete learn-at-home program contains powerful step-by-step learning lessons and includes everything you need to know to become a great guitar player even if you have never picked up the guitar before! This is the core curriculum of the popular online guitar program. Once you learn a few chords and strum patterns, you will be able to play hundreds of songs! Join me in this amazing journey to learn and play worship guitar.....

* Learn correct posture and form
* Play the best modern chords shapes easily
* Master great strumming patterns
* Easy-to-play worship songs
* Playing and singing
* Guitar related music theory
* And much more!

DVD 1 include Lessons 1-11

Tuning Your Guitar
Posture and Form
Easy Finger Exercises
The G and C Chord
Introduction to Counting Strumming Patterns
The D Chord
Amazing Grace with Strumming
The Eminor Chord
Strumming and Chord Practice
Strumming Sixteenth Notes

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