Modern Worship Guitar Lessons Next Level DVD 3 - Sessions 20-28

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YES! It's time to take your playing to the next level! This complete DVD series will take you further into intermediate and advanced techniques for playing worship guitar. It contains powerful step-by-step learning lessons and includes everything you need to know to take the next step towards becoming a guitar player! This is the core curriculum of the popular online guitar program. You should be able to play a few of your open chords like G, C, D and E minor before you start this book. You can learn those beginner techniques in the first book in this series.

When you dive in here you will learn....

* Play the best modern chords shapes easily 
* Master more great strumming patterns
* Slash Chords
* Advanced Palm Muting
* Picking Patterns
* Advanced Syncopation Strumming
* Selective Strumming Techniques
* Easy-to-play worship songs
* Playing and singing
* Guitar related music theory
* Reading notes on guitar
* Playing by the Nashville number system
* And much more!

DVD 3 Includes Lessons 20-28
Finger Exercises
Advanced Strumming Patterns
Learning the Palm Mute
Selective Strumming Techniques
Advanced Palm Mutes
Slash Chords
You Are Good (Song)
One and Only (Song)
Suspended Chords

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