Next Level Worship Guitar Course Bundle

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YES! It’s time to take your playing to the next level! This complete course takes you further into intermediate and advanced techniques for playing worship guitar. It contains powerful step-by-step learning lessons and includes everything you need to know to take the next step towards becoming a guitar player!

When you dive in here you will learn….

• Play the best modern chords shapes easily

• Master more great strumming patterns

• Slash Chords

• Advanced Palm Muting

• Picking Patterns

• Advanced Syncopation Strumming

• Selective Strumming Techniques

• Easy-to-play worship songs

• Playing and singing

• Guitar related music theory

• Reading notes on guitar

• And much more!



Level: Intermediate
You should be able to play a few of your open chords like G, C, D and E minor before you start this book. You can learn those beginner techniques in the first course the Modern Worship Guitar Series.

Major Focus of This Course: 
To learn some of the best techniques to make your basic chords and patterns start to sound amazing and enlarge your chord and technique library!

I not only show you the techniques but I also show you several songs and help you apply what you learn to real life tunes!

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