Private Music Teacher's Yearly Bookkeeping Book: Essential Daily Records To Track And Manage Student Payments and Schedules

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Easily keep track of student payments and weekly lesson attendance. Easily create end of the year reports with my simple templates and be prepared to save money on your taxes. You only save money if you keep amazing records. This book will help you do it and makes it so easy! Plus... if you do not keep track of the payments, you risk loosing money! I created an amazing shorthand method to logging lesson payments and attendance and I provide you with 13 months of charts for teaching as many students as you can for 7 days a week! Plus amazing end-of-the-year record charts to complete and use for preparing your taxes. Also keeps track of student phone numbers and contact information. Take this with you when you travel in case you have to cancel a lesson or reschedule while on vacation. This book is small enough to throw in your guitar case or music bag and will be by your side at every lesson. I used this method for many years while teaching thousands of lessons and it works great! You won't be able to lose track of money owed to you and you will be able to quickly prepare your taxes each year. Once you try it, you won't teach another year without it. Includes: •Student Contact Information Sheets For Every Month (13 Sets) •Monthly Lesson and Payment Tracking •End of Month Income/Expense Report End of Year Reports Including: •Other Yearly Income •Other Yearly Expenses •Mileage Record •Total Yearly Income •Total Yearly Expenses •End of Year Report Profit and Loss •Notes Designed by a real life music teacher, Eric Michael Roberts and produced by Studio 43, LLC