Worship Band Audition Online - Single Audition Session

Worship Band Audition Online - Single Audition Session

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Easy online auditions you can do on your own time and get feedback from the WTK team.  


For small church, small groups, youth groups, and low performance pressure ministry teams where playing along with songs in simple keys is the main skill set needed to begin playing with your worship team. 


Select level 2 when intermediate skills are required by your church including reading charts in all keys, transposing, understanding music theory, playing along with click tracks and/or multi-tracks.  Select this option is you will be playing under performance pressure with intermediate to advanced players on an established worship ministry team.  


STEP 1:  Select Level and Purchase Your Audition 

STEP 2:  You will receive audition prep sessions along with the charts and audio for the songs for the audition. 

STEP 3:  Take your time learning and practicing the audition material and submit your audio/video to our team when you are ready! 


If you pass the audition, I will send you and your church leadership a personal recommendation for moving forward with your worship ministry team. 

If you are not ready, we will send you a personal recommendation for further study and explain what exactly you should work on before you test again.   

You can re-audition one more within 90 days for no additional charge!   We are here to help you get ready.  This is a process to help you learn and grow and ultimately serve well in your worship ministry.  If you have any questions, please let me know!