Worship Guitar Success Kit +GOLD and Accessory Pack Bundle

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Full Success Kit + LIFETIME access to the full WTK GOLD online programs and the WTK Accessory Pack!


I'm going to let you in on a little secret...... All those awesome songs you hear in church and on the radio are really just being played with 3-4 chords! What??? That's right, you can play all your favorite songs and never have to use more than a few simple chords.

In fact, most great performing mainstream musicians ONLY use the simple chords that I am about to teach you!

Includes the Success Kit and Lifetime GOLD Access 

First, I will ship you the Success Kit containing:

  • 2 of the WTK core lesson books with charts and lesson plans for every week
  • 4 DVDS with Up-Close Video Lessons
  • Complete lesson plans for every step of the way!
  • 2 easy songbooks to get you playing songs fast!  


Full access to every WTK course streaming online with all the ebooks, charts and downloads!  

Courses included in WTK GOLD:

  • Modern Worship Guitar Lessons
  • Next Level Modern Worship Guitar Lessons
  • 10 Song Catapult for Guitar
  • Private Lesson Sessions for Movable Chords
  • 10 Song Christmas Guitar Pack
  • Electric Guitar Sessions 1 & 2
  • Modern Worship Piano Lessons 1
  • Next Level Worship Piano
  • Worship Piano 10 Song Catapult
  • Christmas Piano Pack
  • Music Theory Class 1
  • Transpose and Play


  • 60+ Easy Chord Worship Guitar Song Lessons to help you build your skills! 
  • Special teacher email access and myWTK Facebook group to help you along your journey!
  • Access to over 50 YouTube Play and Sing style videos for all the songs in the songbooks!
  • Webinar lesson sheets and video playbacks!
  • Special member only downloads and goodies 

PLUS THE WTK Guitar Accessory Kit

  • Martin SP Guitar Strings 
  • Kyser Capo 
  • Snark Tuner 
  • Pick Pack 
  • String Winder